Opening reception of the exhibition PLACID & LIMPID: 3AM MIRACLE, A FRAGMENT by Alexei Alexander Izmaylov

Thursday, 18 October 2018 at 6 pm.

Alexei Alexander Izmaylov, Untitled, 2018 / Copyright: Alexei Alexander Izmaylov

Alexei Alexander Izmaylov’s sculpture based practice is fundamentally comprised of intuitive use of light, shape and colour, and his pieces are initially recognised for their aesthetic value and ability to forge a visceral connection. What follows is cognitive dissonance, insight and a sense of disclosure: gradually revealing that the work possesses a critical and conceptual magnitude which questions both rational and symbolic dimensions.

Heavily rooted in research, Alexei Alexander Izmaylov makes designs which subsequently yield components for assembly of his artworks. In doing so he oscillates between finding novel materials and ways of employing machining techniques made for industrial processes while continuously interacting with his pieces in an urgent fashion by way of assemblage, painting and inlay. The evaluation of design, mechanical and manual skills that feature in the making of Izmaylov’s pieces presents us with the reinterpreted mundane, forcing to look at the everyday free from its determinism.

Born in Russia, Alexei Alexander Izmaylov lives and works in London. He is currently enrolled on the MA Sculpture programme at the Royal College of Art.

Royal College of Art, London, UK
MA Sculpture 2020

University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
BA Visual Communication & Graphic Design 2008

Alexei Alexander Izmaylov
chez Nosbaum Reding Projects, Luxembourg
18 octobre 2018 – 24 novembre 2018
Vernissage: jeudi 18 octobre à 18h
2 + 4, rue Wiltheim L-2733 Luxembourg
Wednesday-Saturday 11 am – 6 pm or by appointment / (+352) 28 11 25 1

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